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Default Re: Value of $ How to flip $20

Iím always on a extreme tight budget.

I bought a 25 lb bag of rice. And a case of canned beans , itís my back up food , sure it might not be what I want but it good protein and filling.

I also buy a couple pack of boneless chicken breasts for 10,00 a pack. My husband and I split split one , which is plenty , most packs have 7 so if your eating for one split in quarters.

I think when possible buy some bulk food to freeze.

I buy a flat of green beans and corn at stores like save a lot , much cheaper.

Anyway over time I have acquired a good amount of food stocked up , I usually just need to buy bread and eggs maybe milk weekly , but for meals I just pull out a pre package meat , chicken or pork. I have probably 12 portions of homemade pre cooked meatballs portioned into to storage bags frozen , I can easily pull out for spaghetti or hoagies.

I do my main grocery shopping once a month or every 6 weeks.

I plan out meals.

All of the above has taken about 4 months to get things purchased and individually packaged.

By shopping this way I have cut out old typical monthly food cost in half.

20.00 can indeed go along way if someone is willing to take time to slowly stock pile basics.

Every dime I save excites me !!!!!!
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