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Default Re: Roommate not put into in-patienty treatment

Maybe considering it's a sub-lease the person sub-leasing won't go into checking your credit history. I will say some prayers for you. Also, if you have to go and first look at this apartment you may get to meet the person sub leasing and if you put on your best face and this person likes you, you may get an ok that way too.

From what you just shared about your room mate, it sounds like even though her sister has POA, she still has found a way to maintain her sense of control. She has figured out that as long as she doesn't seem to be a danger to herself or others she gets to continue to isolate herself in her room the way she has been doing. Apparently she wants to be a hermit and shut everyone out. She clearly must believe that antidepressants can't fix the fact that she is no longer young and the life of the party or in demand to do whatever she had done when she was younger. Her child was probably an ornament and she never could really connect with him, that's sad but it happens. Like in "Mommy Dearest" where Joan Crawford adopted children more as ornaments and never really could connect with them in a meaningful way.

I am sorry Blanche because given what you have shared about yourself having to deal with a person like this must at times be very triggering and unsettling for you. I am glad to hear you continue to be proactive and determined to find your way out of this and forward. What you have been learning a lot lately is how you can't control people like this, the only one you can work on and improve is yourself. In my saying that, I in no way mean to simplify or disrespect how challenging that can be.
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