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Default Re: Deny or Accept and get over it? (Sexual Abuse)

Hi RedemptionSeeker19,

I agree that it would probably benefit you to work your way through these negative feelings plaguing you with a counselor, so that you can accept the truth [the truth being that you engaged with a prostitute] and move forward with your life without anguish.

I see you're in Turkey. Here in the western countries it's really not considered a big deal to seek the comfort or pleasure of a prostitute lady, so I really hope you can stop giving yourself such a hard time about it. She's just a person, you're just a person, and it's not a crime to want sex. It's not sexual abuse, friend. It's actually quite normal.

Anyway, yes: therapy I feel could really help you move through this inner battle you're having. Forget about the past.

Peace be with you.
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