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Default Ta Das!

So slight a line, all steps completed. Like Cheers for that!

Today I ticked off how much I've managed since about December 2017. Back then I was in the middle of a project that eventually would test my skills about as much as my patience. The recladding of my condo was mired in complexity that later would be shredded by the lack of involvement of owners and had to be rebuilt fresh; I didn't know how I might continue to consult to supplement my retirement savings, and I wasn't playing nearly enough bridge.

I eventually wrote up a report of that project that the client never released; the residing is in it's 4th week of a 6 week project to be followed by redoing our roof; for my client I've written two grants—one has already been awarded and the other is under review—that will keep me busy till 2023; and with a goal of playing bridge 9 times in 2020 I got in 10 games before the parks department shut everything down.

So, what now? Having finished my will in 2019, I'll work on my health care directive. Mine is complicated. I suspect an Indiegogo campaign of fraud and so will be writing pieces, blogs, and letters to get my money back or the thieves brought to trial so we can get the facts out of them.

All of that will keep me busy till about Thursday next, then what?

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