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Default Re: Top ADHD Resources Online -- Add yours here!

I'm not diagnosed (I wish....seriously....maybe i'd feel normal and not crazy/falling behind/scatterbrained/forgetful/etc) but a book I found gave me alot of help with various parts of my life....even though that list where we're supposed to write down everything is kept being lost. lol Yeah, i laugh at myself alot....between bouts of frustration.... lol

Ok, that book....its called: "10 Simple Solutions to ADD: How to overcome Chronic Distraction & Accomplish your Goals" and it's by Stephanie Moulton Sarkis, PH.D.

Ok, despite the fact that I'm still a sufferer (no, i'm not S&M about and so maybe the books not perfect, but it does give loads of helpful advice. Now....if only I could remember it all. lol

But still, great book with great advice. Recommend it to all.
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