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Default Re: Welcome to the Psychotherapy forum

Does anyone have Medicare? Just moved to a new state, California, from Kansas. My new T here is claiming that Medicare only pays for on appointment a week here. Not so in Kansas--they paid for as many appointments my treaters deemed necessary, as long as I didn't see a mental health pro more than once a day.
I am having a dysphoric manic episode right now and asked if I could see him twice a week for a while. So, now I am paying out of my own pocket for the second appointment. I have paid for 2 appointments so far. And I really can't afford it.
I got suspicious and on Wed 11/26 I called Medicare and found out they pay for as many appointments a week as your doctor bills--in every state.
I have an appt. on Mon 12/1 at 4 pacific time. I am going to confront him, then.
Does anyone have an opinion on my situation? What do you all think I should do?
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