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Default Re: Welcome to the Psychotherapy forum

Originally Posted by DocJohn View Post
Well, I'm amazed we didn't start this forum earlier, as people seem to have many questions about psychotherapy, how to get started, how to find a new therapist, knowing when to end therapy, etc. etc.

Here's a forum to share your psychotherapy experiences and help others understand what to look for in quality psychotherapy. Here's some background reading:

I had a few bad experiences with therapists and finally in desperation flew to San Francisco to talk with someone I admire greatly, sort of just for the experience and to bounce some things off him, (because I could). Amazing to me that he consented to see me. He's a busy guy. In addition to talking about a bunch of existential stuff I was curious about, he recommended a therapist for me in my home city. That has worked out very nicely and I am so appreciative of that.

Seems like a long way to travel to find that right therapist but it worked for me.
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