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Default Dating a Heavy Smoker

I have a friend who is a heavy smoker. He smokes every time he can- in the car, from a restaurant to the car in the parking lot, just plain outside every 20 minutes or so. Its obvious that smoking is his life and now what was his life is on the side.

Its hard to be around him. We don't see each other very often. We talk on the phone basically every day. A few weeks ago, he came to visit for a comedy show in town but constantly smoked. Over the 24 hours he was with me he mustve smoked two packs or more. He even will smoke half a cigarette between the car and the building we just parked to go into. When he was here i mustve gotten several cigarettes through just being near him.

He knows that society is now basically anti smoking. He mumbles something every time an anti smoking spot comes on tv.

I know he won't quit. He's majorly addicted. But I can't stand to be around him. He smells like cigarettes and he tastes like them too. His skin is saturated with it... There is no way I could have a physical relationship with him. And that's too bad because we are really pretty close.

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