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Default My Own Little Success Story...

I'm kind of just writing this because.... well it is my own success story. It might not be as grand as Graduating College or even building a multi billion dollar company. But I call it a success for myself.

I was diagnosed with ADD and mild anxiety when I was 16-17 Years old and a Junior in High School. My whole life I had the symptoms of ADD in Girls, but because I was not Hyperactive like so many others I slipped under the radar. I was always called smart, even if I didn't feel like I was. I thrived in hands on classrooms and would fall asleep in other classrooms unless we were doing something that peaked my interest.... Even then it was hard to remain focused if it was not a hands on experience like Gym, Woodshop, or sewing. If I had no interest in the subject forget it I would get extremely frustrated very quickly and then give up because between everything it was like the teacher waas speaking another language and I couldn't even tell red from blue or my left from right.

But I finally got a NAME for what it was. Why my head always raced. Why I would get so distracted from people talking, anxious in large crowds, and hated lots of loud people all in one spot to the point I always had at least one head phone in. I had a NAME for it. I went on medication for my senior year and for the first time in three very long frustrating years I finally was getting B's again instead of D's. Once I had hit high school my usual B's and A's dropped to C's, D's, and F's. It was clicking again. But the racing of my head that I had grown so used to wasn't there. Yes I could focus but at the same time I felt like everything was in the fast lane moving in slow motion. I hated it.

I had become so uses to my head racing that I hated the medication. I did one full semester and a half in college before I gave up. The difficulty I had in High School had made me hate school. My ticks and tricks to keep myself focused had failed me in High School. I was in college, drowning because I couldn't grasp anything. Not for lack of focus or for lack of trying just nothing was clicking. So I quit school. I decided to go to the work force instead. I got a job at a grocery store, and ended up working in the pricing department.

After a year of this and still wanting to work with animals I found a Private Grooming Salon that willing to take me on and said theyg would teach me. Now, I am a creature of extreme Habit. I adjust and adapt if needed but it takes a lot for me to put myself in a new environment that I have no idea what kind of people or things are there or the rules or anything. To say the least my anxiety was extremely high. I told my Employer from day one how I learn, that I have ADD and I don't take anything for it as I am very open about that and it is a part of me. I explained I am an extreme hands on learner, so if you correct me as I do something it will click. If not.... it's out of sight out of mind and it won't be corrected. Just how my head works as I often find it doesn't stick unless I am correct as it is happening.

Now I spent a year at that Salon, I did a fantastic job bathing, in fact I did too good. So good that the owner did not keep her end of the bargain and instead of teaching me how to groom I was washing and drying anywhere from 15-22 dogs a day. Every single one of them beat the living hell out of me. I asked her repeatedly to learn, which is not my style as I often feel like I am stepping on toes in doing so. Instead of taking a dog in the begining of the day beefore I was mental and physicallt exhausted and just royally pissed off, at the end of the day I was told to go grab that dog (one that bites and wants to eat me) and to take clippers to it to learn. I did this 5 times over the year I was there it was inconsistent and I was miserable Every time. Not to mention my Employer was verbally bashing me at least once a day or once every other day.

After beijng yelled at that I didn't care about my job, the dogs, or her salon and clearly didn't give a rat's ***** about anything. I applied to Petco that night. That was the last straw. I received a call the following day and I got the job.

I am now at Petco Grooming Academy, top of my class, and told I am a natural at this. I make dogs feel and look beautiful, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am told constantly by my Mentor that she doesn't know why I am even at the Academy. I had brought in my spaniel (who I did on my own before academy and did her cut off looking at a Picture... Not a pattern and having no professional training) and she said the only problem was myg blending but my line was perfect and that I had to be uncover boss or something because I was that good.

I wwas taught how to shave down a dog that was going to bite me and wanted to draw blood. That was the first ever dog I touched with a Clipper. I wasn't taught anything else. It feels amazing to have finally found my calling.... and I know this isn't like a huge success to many but for me, where I am now versus where I was in high school thinking something was wrong with me and that I would never amount to anything... It feels amazing. And I have no clue how to explain how amazing it feels.
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Default Re: My Own Little Success Story...

Wow, what a great success story! I am so happy for you! To find a job you love and excel at is great! My daughter sounds a lot like you in HS and I hope one day she can find that things she loves to do as well and can make a career out of it. Thanks for sharing!!
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Default Re: My Own Little Success Story...

I think your story illustrates a HUGE success - life can be hard to begin with - those of us with ADD/ADHD have additional hurdles invisible to everyone else. I say GOOD FOR YOU! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
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