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Default Re: Fear of going to jail

So sorry to hear this and how it bothers you. I don’t think you’re weird at all. You’re one of my favorite PC people, and I think we have similar histories, struggles, and thought processes. Since the goals of psychology are to describe, predict, explain, and control behavior and mental processes, it makes sense that the loss of one of these would trigger lots of duress.
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Default Re: Fear of going to jail

Thank you for your kind words, everyone! Also thanks to everyone who offered their hugs and thanks. I didn't expect such support.
I guess mindfulness will be the best approach. There's no point in trying to fight these thoughts.
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Default Re: Fear of going to jail

I used to have that fear. The teachers in my school would tell me that I was going to end up in prison. Some even told me I would end up being some guy's wife. Scared straight I guess. But all I did in school was throw some snowball and skip some study halls to play chess in the computer room.

I never did end up in prison - just a psych hospital. Now I still worry about being railroaded in a psych hospital again. It's much easier to have that happen than a bogus murder conviction.
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