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Default ACOA Trauma

Hello Iím new here. Iím an adult child of an alcoholic mother. I havenít spoken to her in five years as I had to remove her and the things gs from my past and work on healing myself. This suddenly came on about 7 years ago when. I was 41. Itís been a long road.

Two weeks age my oldest daughter called me to render aid to my mother who had fallen. She has been in the hospital ever since and has been diagnosed with AFIB, congestive heart failure and cirrhosis of the liver. She is 75 years d

I struggle with my own children and have realized some very dysfunctional behaviors of my own.
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Smile Re: ACOA Trauma

Thanks for sharing the introduction. Hopefully coming here to PC can be of some comfort & support. Please keep posting!
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Default Re: ACOA Trauma


I hope you are doing okay. I stopped speaking to my alcoholic and addicted father about six years ago. Last year he wound up needing medical care and someone to coordinate it all during his last few months of life. I reluctantly stepped in. It is very hard to do this for a parent who never seemed to put your own safety and care above their own desires. I wound up moving my father to hospice and sometimes wonder if I would have done that if we hadn't been estranged.
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Exclamation Re: ACOA Trauma

Hi, thanks for sharing. Please take care of yourself!

My mother is also getting older, and her health worsening as her drinking and tablet intake seems to go up and up. I am trying to prepare and have started thinking about how I will feel when she is dead as she has had a number of bad falls recently.

I keep thinking that there should be something I should or could do. But I know that there isn't.

Keep tapping in the support you can gain here and don't feel bad about yourself.
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