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Default Re: A place for psychopaths?

Originally Posted by CelestialFlame View Post
Where there is hope there is also disappointment. Better to be a pessimist.
I've spent a significant amount of time in depression. I'll risk disappointment for optimism any day.
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Default Re: A place for psychopaths?

Originally Posted by magicalprince View Post
Just my opinion but, I don't think psychopaths would benefit from a social support setting. (Or rather wouldn't be able to use one appropriately)
Of course not. They lack empathy. There are some stupid programs out there that try to 'rehabilitate' people who identify as sociopaths and the like.(illnesses that normally lack empathy). Of course, the results of these programs often show the clients as worse than when they started the program (probably due to being forced to do it).
I watched a doco on this stuff. Apparently, in the future a micro chip inserted in the( mind of a sociopath could be the answer to fixing the errors of the brain that are occurring.
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Default Re: A place for psychopaths?

Originally Posted by mightycool View Post
Kinda disappointed we don't get our special place.
Maybe you haven't looked hard enough. Google has changed so much over the years as to hide some things from normal searching.
You have to get clever and search in other ways and not give up no matter what. Also there are other search engines out there that you can use.
I ran across one several months ago right before I found this forum.
It was kind of hard to decide where to go first but, something just made me want to give this place a try so, I did and here we are.
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