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Default Cant work out whether my dad has NPD or ASPD.. both?

I thought id ask this here as i already know a lot about npd... and its kind of 'in' at the moment, so a lot of people are new to the whole thing.
I really want to know if my dad has aspd or severe narcissism..

Ok. So he is certainly narcissistic. Ive thought of him as a malignant narcissist for some time.
He has all the hallmarks - needing admiration, grandisoity.. manipulative. no empathy..
But then theres the more harmful side:
Vindictive. Cold and callous. Sadistic. Calculated deasembling of a persons psyche.. going far beyond 'character defaming' talked about in the realm of narcissism - he does that too... but while that comes across as a joyful hobby he seems to really relish the one to one annihilation of anothers well-being.
Hed take me apart with a glint of joy and malice in his eyes as he'd stare me face to face... i felt he liked the thrill of getting away with it.. and toying with me with impunity. Felt like being a mouse in the clutches of a cat.

Hes used my mental health issues as fun... fuel to keep him going/entertained. For instance negativley commenting on my appearance knowing i have severe body dsymorphic disorder (discreetly so as to keep plausable deniability and me spinning trying to figure out whats what)

I dont think ive ever seen him experience genuine emotion. Just anger. And satisfaction/elation at putting someone else down on the internet... or IRL, winning an argument e.t.c
He did once or twice cry but im not sure if it that was an act. It seemed very real at the time.. and it was to do with me trying to shut him out of my life.... ::: that makes me doubt aspd as he wouldnt give a damn if i shut him out surely?

I know no one here can diagnosis anyone else. But i have FA chance of getting him to see a psychiatrist.
Its either malignant narcissism or aspd. I dont know why im so interested in finding out. Guess i want tge pieces of the puzzle.

Anyhow. Thanks for any insight.
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Smile Re: Cant work out whether my dad has NPD or ASPD.. both?

I don't know the answer to your question. However here are links to 2 articles, from PsychCentral's archives, that compare narcissism & ASPD:
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Default Re: Cant work out whether my dad has NPD or ASPD.. both?

Sounds like a psychopathic brother to me. That's why you won't get him to go to a psychologist... there isn't anything wrong with us. Lol
If how you describe his behavior is accurate then I would say it's a pretty safe bet. Feel free to pm me if you'd care for further discussion.
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Default Re: Cant work out whether my dad has NPD or ASPD.. both?

I have a relative who is a CLEARLY malignant Narcisist. These people are generally not as blatent as your father. They usually are more less obvious or covert in thier abuse of others even thier "targets." for abuse unless these targets dare to stand up to this bastard they go into Narcissistic rage. . Thier public image (what people think about them) is as important as their Narcissistic supply. NPDs can be extra charming "around most people or appear like exemplery people. Looks like your Dad is likely someone who is more the "devil may care" type to me . IM guessing psycho or Socio most likely
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Default Re: Cant work out whether my dad has NPD or ASPD.. both?

I would go with socio. He probably is very narcissistic but this comes with the territory. As far as going to a therapist. It honestly isn't going to prove anything unless he goes there with the mindset of getting to know himself and why he treats you like he does and is the way he is. People with aspd are extremely manipulative to the point of if we are put in a situation where we don't really want to b exposed we can manipulate our answers to the questions asked when being analysed to where it will give us what ever diagnoses that we see fit for the situation.
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