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Default Separation Anxiety

My 6 yr old son entered into 1st grade this year. He is the middle child. I was told last year that moving to 1st grade is a BIG step for a child. The first couple of days were rough. We moved into a new school district and none of his siblings attend the same school as he. I expected the first days to be hard. School started on Wed. and on Friday, I dropped him off out front and he walked in with no problem. Same on Monday. But Tuesday morning, he was whining the whole way to school and when we got there, another teacher had to intercept him because he was clinging to me and crying and screaming and telling me not to leave him. I spoke to the teacher later on in the morning and she said he calmed down and was doing good. He had a good day the rest of the day and he promised me that he wouldn't act like that again. Well, he duplicated his behavior this morning. I ended up leaving the school nearly in tears because he's shouting for me not to leave him there and his teacher is trying to console him. I have heard nothing but great things about this teacher, so I doubt that it's her that is bothering him. The only viable excuse he is giving me is that he just "doesn't like it". I am not sure how to handle this situation. He is very much a momma's boy and his dad doesn't play any kind of major role in his life. Is there something I can say to him to make him feel more confident about being away from me to go to school? Or do I handle it in a disciplinary manner because he's just doing this for show? Please help!
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Default Re: Separation Anxiety

Hey, I'm sorry to hear about all the problems your having getting your little one off to school. I'm not expect, although I do have 2 children myself, one that just started pre-school and was doing the exact same thing.

Iím just going to throw in my 2-cents here, so bare with me.

First off I wouldnít punish him for it, I doubt itís for show. He is having anxiety about it himself and in a panic. I doubt disciplining him for it would help how he feels. So the problem is still going to keep happening.

I know he is only in first grade, but what are his reasons for not wanting to go? My 4 year old will tell me at least why she is scared of things. Although his answer may not be anything you can help. You could at least comfort him on the subject and just give him some reassurance.

Secondly I can promise you this will eventually ease up and pass all together. Now if he was very young, say 2 years old he might continue to scream and cry forever. But he is at an old enough age to figure things out on his own, and relies school isnít so bad.

My youngest did eventually stop being so upset in the mornings; it just took about 2 months. My wife gets way more upset on drop-offs then me because I just always keep in my mind that itís for her best interest. And in your Childs agesí case, itís the law. So there isnít too much you can do but comfort her and give it time.

Good Luck with it, and no worries it will improve
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