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Default Relaxation Techniques

No. .. I'm not posting them. I'm asking for them. I quit taking Xanax quite some time back, and probably won't start taking it again any time soon, so I'm looking for other ideas to help me relax when I start getting "cranked up." Of course, at home, bubble bath, stuff like that I've already thought of. What I'm talking about is when I'm at work, or Relaxation Techniques on my to T. Stuff like that. I have such a hard time "calming" down when I go see him anyway ~ maybe that belongs in psychotherapy?~ and I takes us so long to get me unstrung. I've looked on google and stuff. . .and I guess I'm just not processing the info well. I'd like it in plain english. LOL

Thanks ya'll.
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Default Re: Relaxation Techniques

Breathe. Try grounding yourself. Distract yourself from what you're getting worked up about. Do you like music? Pick something soothing to listen to. I don't know what kind of work you do, but if you can take 10 minutes and go sit in your car with some music, it can be very soothing.

If all else fails, as your doctor about Neurontin. Great for anxiety and nonaddictive!
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Default Re: Relaxation Techniques

Hi G, There are many ways to help bring down levels of anxiety. Breathing is really important. When you are really anxious you tend to breathe at a shallow rate and into your chest. Deep breathing into the belly really helps. I find Progressive relaxation helpful. This is where you work through all the muscles in your body, tightening them and then relaxing. You usually start with your feet and work up the body. I'm sure if you google these things there will be loads of info. Good luck, I hope this is of some help.
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Default Re: Relaxation Techniques

Meditation is a great way to relax. It's tough to do at first, especially for people with anxiety, but once you get into it you'll find it to be very effective in keeping your anxieties at bay.
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