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Unhappy My Separation Anxiety/Fear of Abdonment Is Getting Out of Hand!

Help! I have generalized anxiety, only lately it's coming out as separation anxiety/fear of abdonment. I have a small social circle & am friends with my ex-husband & only one other person. Lately my ex seems more withdrawn/distant (less interested in hanging out or talking) & my anxiety is triggering into overdrive with fear that he's moving on & is going to leave me for good. A bit of background on my relationship with my ex can be found in this thread: Divorced and Having Difficulty Moving Forward

Because of this fear/anxiety, when I talk to my ex, I'm either too forwad & rambling & say too much (like spill my feelings) or seeking reassurance our friendship is ok & I fear my I'm only pushing him away. Then, to make things worse, he doesn't always reply or only anwers "Ok" What can I do? This is really tearing me up 😑
Major Depressive Disorder (2006), Anxiety Disorder (2013), Attention Deficit Disorder, primary inattentiveness (1993).

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I've literally tried just about everything from A(mbien) to Z(oloft, just ask me if you have questions about my experiences!
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Smile Re: My Separation Anxiety/Fear of Abdonment Is Getting Out of Hand!

I'm sorry you are struggling with this. It sounds to me as though you're still really attached to your ex & having a very difficult time letting go. The two of you are divorced. (I don't recall you mentioning how long ago your divorce became official.) And, based on what you wrote in your previous post, it sounds as though there was blame to go around (as is typically the case I believe.)

From my perspective it appears time for both you & your ex to put your relationship in the rear view mirror, so to speak, & move on with your separate lives. Perhaps this is what your ex is now doing. And so, whether you feel as though you can cope with it or not, the time may well simply have come to accept it & deal with it as best you can. If that feels more distressing than you can tolerate, perhaps this is all something you need to work through with the help of your therapist if you see one. If not, perhaps the time is nigh?

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