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Default Been one hell of a month

Since the 3rd I've had bad issues with my antidepressants being changed. I was on zoloft 50 mg but cut myself down to 25 mg and would forget to take it then was switched to prozac 20 mg had got sick . My zoloft was stopped before switching . I stopped taking the prozack then went back on the zoloft and was getting anxiety and headaches. So I stoped .found out I have an ulcer so I went back on the zoloft at 25 mg and am having racing thoughts and anxiety attacks. Is this normal when starting a antidepressant back to have raceing thoughts? I know I should have told the dr I wasn't taking the full amount of 50 but I didn't want to be judged. Was given lunesta witch made it worse so I stopped that. I see my dr Monday again since I had such bad issues my boyfriend God bless him has been so good and trying to help me though this mess. My dad has too.
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Thanks for sharing this. From my perspective anytime one goes through medication changes it kind-of throws everything off, so to speak. (I don't personally ever recall experiencing racing thoughts when starting an antidepressant. But, of course, everyone reacts differently to medications so I would suppose it might be possible.) I think the important thing will be to be completely honest with your dr. regarding all that has gone on with you med wise. Best wishes...
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