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Default Adhd burnout

Who here knows about adhd burnout or has experienced it share anything and everything you can please. Id be particularly interested in ways you overcame it or coped with it etc.

Thanks for the help
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Default Re: Adhd burnout

It's hard to meditate with ADHD but it can be done. Exercise helps like maybe a punching bag too or martial arts class, yoga class especially. Taking a moderate dose of stimulant, sit down and read, a little coffee. Most importantly: A break. Burnout is a medical condition now according to the world health organization.

Doing creative ADHD things like drawing, painting, making music, playing an instrument, synth on the computer,.. listen to podcasts, music.. Talking with people about the burnout problems, volunteering or working more or working less (Mostly), eating healthy (No sugar), fasting (Regenerate the body, improve will power), support from family and friends (Not people that call you lazy and put you down), good sleep (At least 8 hours), sleeping in once a week (On the weekend), a relationship with SO and understanding each other, being in nature (Maybe do this bare foot to absorb electrical forest energy, swim in the lake), being away from city light and noise pollution and boring buildings, offices, classrooms, grocery stores (If you work in retail).

Most importantly, dream. Dream about life and your future, reconcile your past, dream in the night, record them and daydream too, search for ideas if you're intuitive enough. Think like an artist and a scientist. Be your ADHD self and take a break from THE MACHINE of society. Maybe try a low dose of acid.
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