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Default Received instant release tablets of adderall rather than all xr as usual.

I take 4 doses of adderall xr daily. This is due to absorption issues. I have to have the scripts written separately one as "adderall xr 20mg three times a day" and one "adderall xr 20mg one time a day" due my insurance only paying for 90 pills and I pay out of pocket for the 30 pills.
This is a new doctor and in November and December she got it right but I had to go back to the office and get new scripts written for January because the date was wrong. I just picked up my medication and realized after I got home that the 90 day supply was all tablets and the 30 days were all capsules (the xr). I called the pharmacy and they said that the one script was written that way by the doctor. And once you leave the premises you cant return medication which I understand. Because they are similar and I have no choice insurance wise (because I cant afford to pay for all that replacement adderall xr out of pocket) I decided I should just take it as normal and discuss with the doctor at my Feb appointment. I have a good pharmacist and they suggested I call and just let the office know that this is what happened and that I am still going to take the medication which I did (I had to leave a message).
I wanted to ask if anyone has taken both and noticed a significant difference between the two? Or taken a combo of both? I had taken the tablets years ago during the shortage but I cant remember what they were like. Obviously they will not last as long as the xr which will be tough for me because if I remember the tablets gave me two instead of 4 hours of coverage and the capsules give me 4 instead of 6-8 hours of coverage. Can anyone share their experiences with both?

I also hope it doesnt seem weird to the doctor that I am going to take the medication, even though it wasnt my mistake, because I already had to bring the old scripts back and get new ones and she seemed a little funny about that too. I did not fill anything early. I filled this on 12/16 last month and today is the 16th as well. I also do not have the time to make the half hour one way trip to her office even if the pharmacy did take it back due to my crazy schedule this week and next.

I know chemically adderall is adderall but I really cant remember what it was like. Please share your experiences both with the different adderall's and what you did when you received a different form of medication by mistake.
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Default Re: Received instant release tablets of adderall rather than all xr as usual.

Would it be possible to split the tablet and take them every two hours? Or would that drive you crazy?
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