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Default How to get diagnosed?

Iím not sure if this thread has already been created but Iím seriously stuck here. Iíve known Iíve struggled with attention for most my life but my parents do not believe in mental health so I grew up without being properly diagnosed. Creating appointments are always hard enough for me as it is because it requires so much remembering and I am very forgetful. I also donít have insurance so does anyone know of any relatively affordable doctors I could go to to finally be treated for this?? My life is just one big disorganized mess I really need help but no one will help me. I wish my family wasnít ignorant to mental health!
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Default Re: How to get diagnosed?

From your profile it says you may be in the Chicago area. There are a number of places to call, but I might start with either of the ones listed below since they will probably work with someone without health insurance or offer referrals to other places that are affordable or income-based.

Public Health - City of Chicago :: Mental Health Counseling/Therapy
Community Counseling Centers - Community Counseling Centers of Chicago | the art of healing life

The first step is to get an appointment for a general evaluation. I know this may be hard to get the motivation to do it, but it may be a matter of deciding while you're reading this post to open up your phone and call to see about your options. Sometimes the best way to get something done is to do it right away. Once it's scheduled, it will be important to find ways to hold yourself accountable and get there. But for now focus on making the call. A general evaluation will be able to help refer you to what comes next, and it gives you a chance to voice what your concerns and questions are.
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Default Re: How to get diagnosed?

Remember there are no tests for adhd. Some people are told they have to take a computer test with flashing lights and buttons. Some people are told they have to take other tests as well. The conner's scale is good for self evaluation and for another family member to give their opinion about your behaviors. Adhd is diagnosed by a psychiatrist using self evaluations from patients and patient history. A lot of people are turned away because they fail the "tests". And many people are turned away because they were not diagnosed as a child. That is truly ridiculous because unless you have parents and teachers that are totally tuned into adhd, you can easily be overlooked, undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Many adults with adhd had it their whole lives but were unable to get diagnosed or had other mental health issues that took priority.
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