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Default Adult Autism Spectrum

My therapist has suggested ore than once that she believes I am on the autistic spectrum. Now I am 46 and already diagnosed with schizoaffective, OCD, and ADD so I struggle with adding just one more diagnosis. Would be interested in hearing from anyone who was diagnosed on the “spectrum” as an adult and what other diagnoses you have.

Diagnosis: schizoaffective bipolar type, OCD, ADHD

Other: T3, Synthroid, Testosterone
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Default Re: Adult Autism Spectrum

I've actually heard it's fairly common for people to not get diagnosed until well into adulthood. I was 23 when I was diagnosed. It baffled everyone before I got that and afterwards so much began to make sense. It just goes to show you that this stuff is complicated. And it really doesn't matter how many diagnosises you have. You're you with or without them and avoiding an official diagnosis isn't going to make it go away.
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Default Re: Adult Autism Spectrum

What difference does it make being diagnosed or not? If you are on the spectrum you are on it diagnosis or not. At least with a disgnosis your therapist would know better how to help you with sny issues related to it rather than just guessing at what they are dealing with & you can better understand yourself too.

After I left my H one of my T's suggested I might have been dealing with a H who was on the spectrum. I researched it & read books on it & everything described my experiences with him over 33 years of marriage perfectly. I sent him an email describing what my research explained. I saw him again for the first time in 11 years this summer. He said when he first got the information I sent he way but the longer he thought on it the more he realized it was right. Having had an actual diagnosis could have possibly helped him not mess up his life the way he has.

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Default Re: Adult Autism Spectrum

I was diagnosed with asperger's at age 49. I had already been diagnosed with depression and anxiety
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