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Smile Did Pilate of Life of Brian have Autism?

Speech Therapy for Autism

Virtually everyone with autism can benefit from speech therapy, this article claims and for me that's certainly true. I had/have issues with mumbling and prosody, probably some idiosyncratic speech elements, poor concept skills (I once sent a letter with holiday photos to someone giving me a similarly as silly name and address as Naughtius Maximus to Brian's mom).

Anyway, sorry the silly thread, but it just occurred to me that the video clip below caricatures how I must at times have come across to neuro-typicals. Brian has equally low empathy as me and is just not getting that his comments are making it all worse, and Pilate, well, my mumbling isn't quite as bad as his, but as a teenager around age 17 I was probably just as literal.

Thoughts? Are Brian and Pilate autistic?

Youtube: Pilate and Brian
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Default Re: Did Pilate of Life of Brian have Autism?

lol. thank you for sharing. Most of those jokes went over my head, but funny just the same. I think both characters show their personalities (more than the other characters), making them more likable and possibly multi-surfaced (out of context). I think yes, in this scene, they both show possible autistic characteristics and also I think it is those character-dimensions that make this type of humor is funny
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