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Default Neurological testing?

Has anyone with autism done this? What is the purpose and how is it done and what results do you typically get from them? Both my Pdoc and therapist specialize in autism. So they are really trying to help me. Also they are connected to a pretty big healthcare system with many hospitals. Mental health and medical. And various specialists. So they have the resources to do things that other places might not.
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Default Re: Neurological testing?

Do you mean neuropsychological testing with IQ and various psychological tests. Yes have had neuropsychological testing in the past. Neuropsychological tests are done when memory problems or maybe learning problems are suspected.
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Default Re: Neurological testing?

Neurological testing could help narrow down just where and what differences are and perhaps give a better idea of where to focus helpful efforts.

Good paper on Aspergers and how it's different from autism, for example: Behavioral, Cognitive and Neural Markers of Asperger Syndrome
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Default Re: Neurological testing?

When I was a student I had some neurological tests to help me get accommodations. I say get a test if it will have any kind of benefit. Otherwise, seems like a waste of time and money.
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