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Confused Being tested for higher functioning autism/aspergers

I've noticed my social skills are starting to effect my daily life. Not that I'm scared or that much of an anxious person, I just don't know how to communicate or even relate to people that well. It's become more obvious to me as I've grown older, but I've noticed some somewhat distinct traits that set me apart from other people. Having particular interests that no one else had, talking about them non-stop, not knowing how to keep a lengthy discussion going, a hard time reading cues. Though as I have gotten older I'm beginning to outgrow some of this stuff and I'm a little better at some social aspects. Still, I don't seem to be interested with social interactions, and I keep to myself and my interests. I have an autistic high functioning brother, and my mother has said she's noticed my grandfather showing some signs as well. She thought at some point that I did have it, and when we discussed it with my psychologist and nurse practioner they told her that it was unlikely that I did have it. However, who's to say that they really do know? After all they aren't really specialized in the field of Autism and only general mental health. Not to mention asperger's/higher functioning autism is a lot harder to diagnose in females. Which, I am one, an older adult woman.

I'm doing this for exploration, curiosity, and to further understand myself. I don't know what to expect when I do this test at a specialist's office, and I don't necessarily know how they will test me.
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Default Re: Being tested for higher functioning autism/aspergers

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