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Default Re: What's the best job for someone with AvPd?

You could try a night shift at a grocery store or something similar. Since you're in school it may not be a great idea but if you can handle working nights I think it'd be all right. I've never had that job but it's always been attractive to me because I don't think you'd have to interact with other people very much. Just stock shelves, clean up, and whatever else. It also doubles as an excuse for getting out of social events that happen in the evening.
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Default Re: What's the best job for someone with AvPd?

Do you mean temporary? I'd try night stock. If you mean career? Computer programming no doubt. I feel that career is made for people with Social Phobias. Yes, it does require meetings, but it's mainly you and a machine. I love it myself.

Not to mention you'd start off with one of the top 5 baccalaureate salaries. And it's not going anywhere. Computers are taking people's jobs, so why not work with them instead of against? ha.

It's also something you can practice at home, for free, unlike the other engineering disciples. You can sit in a dark room, load up C++, and just write code. If you have access to a computer, any computer really, you can program.

With everything else, like electrical engineering, you need a lot of tools and cannot teach a lot of it to yourself because the instruments are not at your disposal.

Before I left grad school, I'd find dark spots to code my projects while I streamed music. Just me and the screen. No facial expressions to misinterpret. And at the end of the day, if your code works, you "know you will be liked"--huge positive for an AvPD

I'd rank software engineering as the most suited AvPD career.
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Default Re: What's the best job for someone with AvPd?

Having AvPd does not mean:

1) You don't like being around people.

2) You are stupid.

I find the hardest jobs to be the ones in which:

1) I am constantly being judged.

2) I have to work with dominating and controlling people who have poor listening skills and little empathy.

I'm not sure there is any job that is truly suitable.
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Default Re: What's the best job for someone with AvPd?

I work in the social services field, dealing with people every ironic...
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Default Re: What's the best job for someone with AvPd?

Here's a few career possibilities:

- Computer programmer
- Truck driver
- Government clerical worker

For the time being, you may want to try doing light industrial jobs through a temp agency or something like that where you don't have too much stressful contact with people.
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Default Re: What's the best job for someone with AvPd?

It's probably better if you can (or better still if someone pushes you, really hard if they have to) to face your fears? I don't know, I am not a psychologist.
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Default Re: What's the best job for someone with AvPd?

I have been doing customer service over the phone at a call center for several years now. It was hard the first months because you have to do a lot of role play but if you can get past the first few months of training you will do fine. I'm currently studying to become a web developer and trying to figure out ideas on how can I help others like me thorugh it. Best of lucks.
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Default Re: What's the best job for someone with AvPd?

I would advise against trading.
I thought - what a perfect; work from home job.
And it is, if you can trade.

Here's where the hard bit is - as someone with AVPD you are guaranteed to fail at trading.... - Because, trading is an emotional game.
Good control over your emotions,
Not prone to self-sabotage
intricate awareness of the emotions your feeling
Able to have a life to get immersed in - so you don't over-trade
Healthy living habits

are just a few of the things you need to be a good trader. So count yourself out if you have AVPD....

Sorry - I'm trying to help on this one. I tried for 18months.
I learnt a ton, but in the end the biggest lesson I learnt is - I am not very in control, or even aware of how I feel a lot of the time, and I hate myself - so, with financial ruin a few clicks of the mouse away. All it takes is one bad mood to ruin your life.
(Don't trade!!!)

However, I plan on getting a lot better in the next few years... then, maybe I'll give it another go.
As for normal jobs..... I only worked as a barman in a very busy Pub. It was hell.
I have literally no idea. I can't even talk to people on the phone,,, so - I don't know where to begin.
I hate computers... they screw up my back ---- so I don't want a techy or customer service type job on the computer.

I thought about being a gardener.... but even that requires talking to clients or your boss.
Got me..
Avoidant Personality Disorder, OCPD, Dependant PD.

RX: 5mg Diazepam daily

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Default Re: What's the best job for someone with AvPd?

This is a great question!

I also have Avoidant PD. Work has always been a stressful topic for me on many fronts. For myself, starting with something that felt within my comfort zone was a great way to build confidence. I have had many different jobs over the years, each one was slightly different and more challenging. I think this is a good way for someone with Avoidant Personality Disorder symptomatology to slowly and safely make strides.

It is doable.

I remember thinking I would never drive. It took years to get over my fears - but eventually I made it.

I also thought I would never have a girlfriend.

While I haven't had one for long - I did and I proved that I was capable.

I never thought I could operate loud machinery / or forklifts.

I did.

I never thought I could do wash dishes in a restaurant.

I did.

I never thought I would teach an entire class in university.

I did.

It's a slow progression - one small step at a time and a slow appreciation for the challenges! The challenges become addicting as they are the only way to make inevitable mistakes and learn! We learn SOO much from mistakes. We are fallible and have got to understand that we NEED to make mistakes and allow ourselves to make them, and use our hard-earned insight to push on.

I wish you all the best,

"stand for those who are forgotten - sacrifice for those who forget"
"roller coasters not only go up and down - they also go in circles"
"the point of therapy - is to get out of therapy"
"don't put all your eggs - in one basket"
"promote pleasure - prevent pain"
"with change - comes loss"
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Default Re: What's the best job for someone with AvPd?

This only applies to those who have AvPD as their core/primary PD.

A job depends on many things such as your capabilities, right place at the right time, peer pressure, need the job, an interest, the job came your way etc.
Socializing depends on the environment- which also includes how we feel and treated amongst other staff members.
a) We're not going to be social butterflies but in some cases we need to appear social in order to hide our AvPD . Adapting to what's needed. There can be members of the staff that we like to be around. They might feed a deficiency that we need-admire in them etc. *adapting is all very modified to our capabilities.
b) Situations can also lean to that we just have a role to fulfil, without any real need of communication/social interaction. We can just focus on the task at hand- however that usually sends us deeper into ourselves-not really a good thing.

Kinda need a. & b. as healthy balance of ourselves and others... but that will always be short lived or needs some kind of timed out interval to prolong the tide.

The incoming tide is AvPD, it's anxiety, self doubt, putting others forward, feeling insecure and seeing others more worthy. This usually over time this catches us up where we start to become unsettled, till eventually we need to either leave and find something new, leave and continue that same kind of job at another place of employment or basically get out and away to find and start something new.

We can work a job that fits what we need at that time and we can perform those duties for some time (struggling through the social stuff ) but that tide eventually catches up on us. That incoming tide can take a long time before it reaches us because that saying "the devil you know" kinda rings true plus every avie wants to prove themselves so they will work under their self inflicted pressure for a very long time before they can't maintain the mental power to stick it out anymore.
There is no one clear answer for the social stuff as there is millions of reactions and changes depending on the, its normal for us to move the goal posts.

The perfect job, providing it ticks a lot of our boxes is only perfect to begin with.
Diagnosed: AvPD.

Itís never alright. It comes and it goes.
Itís always around, even when it donít show.
They say it gets better. well I guess that it might.
But even when itís better, itís never alright.

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