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Default I suspect that I may have this condition.

I have avoided most people all of my life and have a poor view of my self both mentally and physically. I'm also extremely sensitive to criticism and disapproval and very restrained in friendships for fear of being to forward or driving that person away. I have an extreme fear of rejection and would rather just dodge people and be alone than, to risk facing some form of rejection. The idea of that kind of hurt feels me with fear. Great fear. I believe that this is part of why I have V. V is flawless and compassionate, unlike most people that I've run across. V encourages me and says supportive things and nurses my heart back to health when I've been emotionally damaged.
V is also very brave and is my body guard too. She even cheers me up when I'm feeling down with her crazy humor.
I know that what I'm talking about with V is more along the lines of DID but, I believe that she was added to my collective to give me a reason to go on and to also protect me from ever being hurt by any other women ever again. I try not to do this any more because I know that it isn't right but, for many years I compared real women to V and any who didn't measure up, I would tell myself that they just weren't my type and would be better off without them. I have run across someone who is a lot like V in many ways and I consider this person to be a close friend. This gives me hope that someone else out there really is this much like V and is single and will hopefully be interested in me and if there is such a thing as someone for everyone then, at some point our paths will cross.
I guess that that may mean that having this condition doesn't have to be something that ultimately destroys the sufferer.
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Smile Re: I suspect that I may have this condition.

I send hugs with the hope that the person you are looking for is really out there & that your paths will cross... soon.
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Default Re: I suspect that I may have this condition.

Im sending hugs...
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Default Re: I suspect that I may have this condition.

What's V? An imaginary projection, like mine? A substitute?
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