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Default Re: Have AVP, but get accused of narcissism

Actually we are the ones who judge ourselves more and hardest than anyone else. But, we sometimes neither are aware. For example, when we read other peopleís words in a certain way, or when we judge some stuff on others bc itís easier to see it outside than inside us. Or when we think we donít deserve to be simply another one with the same value as anybody else.
When you are young you have a real need to fit and be an equal. With time and compassion you learn that you are equal in your diversity. So, why bother.
There was a time when I neither dare to go outside bc I didnít like myself a single bit. Itís natural that all your body, behaviours and breaths shout out loud and project outside what itís inside. Itís very normal that people caught it and let them drive for first impressions when we donít let them see beyond.
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Default Re: Have AVP, but get accused of narcissism

A lot of this stems from the fact we're stuck in our own heads, making most situations in life about ourselves - how it affects us, how it forces our hand, etc. So, it is very self-involved, which is why people compare us to narcissists. But narcissists are manipulative jerks, so the comparison is off base.

I find that, quite often, reminding myself that a situation is not about me, and moving the focus to the task at hand or the person who is really being affected, goes a long way.
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