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Default Re: (UN) Social Media...

What an asshole.

Originally Posted by Calypso2632 View Post
I try to be positive and upbeat because really, the world needs more of that. One of my friends for instance. Who I've been friends with since I was 14.. told me a couple months ago that he could no longer be friends with me cause I'm going downhill to hard, I don't help myself and I don't listen to anyone.. this is when I was about a month sober, on the list to take my Cna test and calling around looking for possible employment. Obviously that wasn't enough to satisfy. And I guess I feel jaded cause I know what he does and he's not in active recovery, doesn't help himself, makes his wife do literally everything for him.. I dunno. Maybe he doesn't like seeing me dig my way out.. I know people are busy in their own lives. But if they have time to post and comment they have a minute to reply to me too. I guess I'm just sick of never being important enough in anyone's life to make any real impact.. ugh
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Default Re: (UN) Social Media...

I post in Neighboors. The local gossip site.
Absolutely nobody pays attention,
until I write: "The horse is dead. RIP."
After that, I get like 20 replies per thread.
They thank me for my thread and everything.
And I'm the crazy one. Lol.

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