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Default Re: Job interview

Originally Posted by Crook32 View Post
Got no response to my emails so I am pretty sure that isnít a good sign. I am running out of jobs to apply for. I know there are jobs I applied for that I forgot to write down. There are some that I have been waiting months to hear back from. Job hunting sucks. I wish so many things werenít up in the air. I hate uncertainty. If they donít rule in my favor after the eeo investigation then I probably have a month left at my job.

Iím hoping the best for you
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Default Re: Job interview

I thought I didnít really care about the interview but the more I think about it the more pissed off I get. I completely blew that interview and there are no do overs. I need to find a job but I am running out of options. I canít even get Target to give me the time of day.
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Default Re: Job interview

Don't beat up on yourself. You may not have "blown" the interview. It might have nothing to do with you. I once spent near a year job hunting, it was a long time ago but I have not forgotten what it was like. Summer is coming, I don't know your interests but there are quite a few seasonal jobs (at summer camps, campgrounds, town recreation departments, stores in tourist areas, restaurants etc. and that can be a way in). Also, look at your applications, make sure they are clear, easy to read, concise---if you suspect a particular employer of poor review, leave them out (if asked about the time off there, make it a voluntary, active reason----this actually turned out to be my problem once---
also don't be afraid to walk into places to ask about work (an old time method but sometimes worth it) or to try something you hadn't thought of (I once got a job with a large company that I'd no knowledge of...just followed "employment office" signs)--
Now I am retiring and I keep getting calls with job offers hang in there. Consider, if you are able, getting some training (eg: certification---check on jobs that just require certificates -- EMT, others...)
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Default Re: Job interview

Good luck and hope you get hired.
oliamble - anything is possible if you set your heart, mind and soul to it, I mean anything.
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