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Default Re: Physical Check-In #2

Originally Posted by bluebicycle View Post
@BirdDancer: Yeah, makes sense why you stopped Nexium. Nexium didn't help me whatsoever. Protonix helped when I was prescribed it (since I think it's Rx only), but the cancer stories scared me away since colon cancer runs in the family. (I know the med works on the stomach, but the intestines are connected to the stomach!) I do worry about the chronic cough and sphincter inflammation, though.

@fern46: Thanks for the link. Maybe I should try eating multiple meals a day to see if that'll help. I do remember eating being painful, though, yeah. I think Rexulti has really messed with my digestive system. I just hope that the cogentin I took doesn't worsen things, since apparently it can reduce hunger and affect your GI tract in a number of other ways.

@giddykitty: yeah, I was tested for celiac disease when I was tested for chronic diarrhea, but it came back negative. They instead said I have IBS-D. I don't have so much of a diarrhea problem now, though, because meds constipate me. lol. But I used to take an antispasmodic a while back.
Yes, I've the same diagnosis. IBS-D. I now take probiotics 30 billion CFUs as well as a diet overhaul. Like I said, you could still be gluten intolerant even without celiac. So my diet is ideally supposed to be no gluten, no dairy, no sugar (some fruit is Ok, but no orange), no heavily oiled foods, and for some reason, no peanuts. Part of this is the stomach issues, part is for preventing or limiting inflammation. I think the combination has helped a lot. Although I'm not supposed to eat yogurt (unless it's....blah blah. I could never remember or ever find the right kind anyway), but yogurt used to be my cure for diarrhea. But like you, I've not experienced much diarrhea since the diet and probiotics and aspirin I take to decrease inflammation...except for this past January's visit to the ER for terrible vomitting/diarrhea. I ate some thawing and uncooked Indian cheese, but really, it seems like it was a weird thing to have given me so much trouble. I dunno. Anyway...yeah, maybe consider trying such a diet anyway and/or probiotics.

I also hope smaller more frequent meals might help. Maybe your body is just stressed right now and needs to reset. Hmm, I was going to suggest the BRAT diet (without the bread of course or a gluten free type), but if you're eating spicy foods and veggies with no trouble, then that might not be necessary. Yeah, meds can really screw with your stomach too. That just sucks! I'm sure you've already considered med alternatives if that's the case though, right?

Awe! My heart just goes out to you! Stomach/digestive issues just plain suck! I'm part of the No Fun Club (lol it's just thing thing this musician I love came up with for these types of issues that he also struggles with. :P)
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Heart Re: Physical Check-In #2


I just want to add:

Some people have a hiatal hernia, which should be diagnosed and treated by a doctor.
I have known of 2 people who have a hiatal hernias. They avoid eating late. They eat 1/2cup to 1 cup of yogurt after dinner.

I do not eat late into the evening. I eat by 6pm at the latest, or I might have reflux.

Please do see a qualified doctor for treatment. My stepdad had chronic reflux. He failed to see a doctor to help him. He'd suffered immensely once he had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He died of this. Take reflux seriously.
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