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Default Re: Lamictal Recalled

Originally Posted by MissDenim View Post
Thank you for sharing this. I take 100mg of lamotrigine. I do not know how to tell if my medication is safe or not though. Do I talk to my pdoc? Or do I talk to the pharmacy?
Thanks Moose! I take Lamotirigine, too.

Moose's link (Epilepsy, bipolar drug recalled after contamination found | Miami Herald) indicates the affected lot is of generic 100 mg Lamotrigine tablets manufactured by Taro Pharmaceutical Industries out of Haifa Bay, Israel and distributed by Taro Pharmaceuticals USA, which made the recall. ... This concerns lot No. 331771, expiration date June 2021, sold in 100-count bottles. "
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Default Re: Lamictal Recalled

Whew! I'm glad my pills aren't affected by this. I take 200 mg in the AM, then 1 1/2 200 mg (=300mg) tabs at night. Of course, there will probably be other doses that may be affected; one of my blood pressure meds wasn't on the list of those that may contribute to certain cancers, but a few months later it was listed. But to me it's worth the risk, as not taking it would likely result in uncontrolled blood pressure and stroke or heart attack. Just as I wouldn't give up taking lamotrigine. It's too important in keeping me well.
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Default Re: Lamictal Recalled

Thankfully, my meds are not affected. The last thing I need is another med change right now.
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