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Default Re: talking out loud in stream-of-consciousness manner?

@Blueberrybook: This is a very interesting thread! I find talking to oneself very funny! I don't do it often but i find it comforting so what is the harm? I talk to my dog a lot. I enjoy it. Perhaps the psychology of it is that we're a little lonely or wanting to hear the sound of our own voices. Stream-of-consciousness chatter is benign but unfortunately i often insult myself and call myself a stupid idiot or mutter that i'm so embarrassed. That's all very painful of course. I just have a chemical imbalance in my brain, i feel, just too much negative chemical, cortisol. Talk therapy is not appropriate in the same way that talk therapy is not appropriate for cancer. Meds help, but i'm still stuck with the mood stuff. Anyways, that's waaaaaaaaaay too much about me. When i lived in Vancouver there were all types out and about and one man in McDonald's would put a pair of eye-glasses on the table across to him and talk to his invisible friend and feed him French Fries! A fun name for an invisible friend is "Itchy."

@sophiebunny: It's so nice that you are enjoying your daughter and her quirks!

@BirdDancer: You're funny! You sound kind of manic but very happy. Am i right? I love to journal too! I'm mad about writing on my computer too! I've been at it for 20 years! i write about a meg a year! That's loads! I've considered wiling them to science, perhaps a university student studying bipolar could get a thesis out of them, but then i reread them and it's so mundane i think not. I might like to read them when i'm old but if nothing ever comes of them, that's okay, i like writing them and it keeps me company. What a strange phenomenon it is, writing on the computer for pleasure but no other purpose?!
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