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Default ashamed of myself

Don't know how to start talking about this... as ideas show up I'll write.
So since I was a little girl I was skinny, then as I got older my boobs start growing, I hate them I would prefer having small boobs. Then for some reason I got chubby. I did't know what to do. It was like that image of my body in that days stuck in my head and never got out. Because now I see photos of myself from 2 or 3 years ago and I was so thin.
In this exact moment I feel so ashamed of showing my body, like its the most horrible thing I ever saw. I always compare myself with other girls, like "oh no, she's so skinny, am I like her?" or "omg, she's so beautiful! Would I be like er someday?"
Does that ever goes away?
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Default Re: ashamed of myself

I think some can grow out of it...maybe most but I can attest to feeling unattractive most of my adult life. A good therapist can help you shed some of this shame. I'm working through that now in therapy and the work I am putting in is starting to show some promise. I hope you start feeling better about yourself soon-
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Default Re: ashamed of myself

I feel ugly too at times. I was told by my mother I was ugly while growing up and really believed it. I may still believe this. I wish I could be beautiful but realize that I'll never be beautiful and accept my flaws. I really try to work on my character. I believe appearance is important for first impressions but after this one's character is more important. I am aging and don't worry as much about my appearance. But, I feel that I look old and know in a few years I'll be considered elderly. As a result, all of my life I have felt insecure and not pretty.
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