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Default Re: I'm too fat, even for a rollercoaster

I'm fat too but trying to lose weight. I now fit on most rides and an airplane seat. Down 28 lbs. Weigh 249 right now. I have 103 to lose but I'm making changes and losing at a healthy rate. I see a doctor recommended diet coach and am on ww. It's working for me, ww was too restrictive the diet coach is more helpful.
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Default Re: I'm too fat, even for a rollercoaster

I went to a restaurant with my brother this summer and got stuck in the booth because of how my stomach sticks out big. You are a good person and that's the most important thing!
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Default Re: I'm too fat, even for a rollercoaster

I think that the standards for "fat" are wrong and unfair. Those stupid BMI charts that they use have been proven to be useless and a poor representation of someone's health. I know plenty of people who on paper would be considered overweight and they run three miles a day! i am not able to run three miles a day.
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Default Re: I'm too fat, even for a rollercoaster

There is so much research out there about weight and body image and nutrition and you know what? It all contradicts each other. You are who you are. It's more important to be healthy than to be "skinny".

Having said that, there is a direct correlation between physical health and mental health. I was quite slim when I was younger - very athletic, I was a gymnast. As I got older, my body changed, the weight came on, and never left. I had (and still have) quite an unhealthy lifestyle as far as diet and exercise go.

I have never been on a diet in my life. I don't believe in them. The studies are consistent that dieting is unhealthy and doesn't work. My weight started to affect my mental well being. Last year I went to Mexico and had weight loss surgery. I am down 70lbs and feel so much better about myself. I don't have a goal weight - I just wanted to be happier and healthier.

My point is, while being overweight can be unhealthy, it doesn't define who you are as a person. It doesn't define your gifts, your knowledge, your skills, your aptitudes, your talents, your intelligence, or anything else.

If going on a roller coaster is on your bucket list - strive for that. Just make sure you do it because it's what YOU want for yourself, not because of what other people want for you or think is best for you. Work with your doctor to develop a plan that fits in with your lifestyle. I hate cooking, and I refuse to exercise, so my doctor telling me to cook healthy meals and exercise was not going to work no matter what. Every meal I eat is fast food, but I make the healthiest choices I can from the menu options available. My life has to work for me, and your life has to work for you.
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Default Re: I'm too fat, even for a rollercoaster

Originally Posted by avlady View Post
i used to be anorexic as a teenager, now i'm 57, had midage spread, now i gained 50 pounds in the last 2 years and i even like myself better when i was skinny. i will try to lose some weight, but i don't feel obsessed like i should.
Me, too!! I got down to 96 1/2!! I was very dedicated to fitness for almost two decades, but my hips went out one after the other and I had them bpth replaced.
I am JUST starting to get the 50 lbs off that I gained from quitting smoking, stopping exercise, and eating wrong in the space of a year.
I go about my own business, and keep my mind on myself and my life. I expect the same courtesy from the rest of the world.
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