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Default All Reflections Hurt.

What's the thing with mirrors.? Why do we have to look at them? I hate looking at myself. However, I want to not hate myself. I want to feel free because at the moment I feel stuck or feel like I'm a thousand pounds. I hate my stomach and I know that it's not protruding but I feel like it is. I feel like the heaviest woman in the world. Then there are times I feel skinny and I'm okay with my body and I eat. Then I feel guilty for eating because I see all the wrongs in my body. I want to love myself, I hate this feeling of never feeling good enough or never having confidence. I envy those who do regardless of their body type. I thirst to be that person so badly but mirrors. They're everywhere. I feel like everyone notices my legs or my arms. I wear baggy clothes or shirts just to hide most of my body. I get self-conscious about everything. When I go to the bathroom i'll sometimes look away just so I don't see myself. Even in reflections like tinted windows, or restaurants, anything with a reflection I try to avoid. I miss being happy with my body. I miss feeling free to be me without feeling stuck on the inside.

Any advice on how to start?
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Smile Re: All Reflections Hurt.

I'm sorry I don't have any advice to offer with regard to this. (I also hate my body but for entirely different reasons.) Here are links to 2 articles, from Psych Central's archives, that (hopefully) may be of some help:

Women and Self Esteem

The Self-Confidence Formula for Women

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Default Re: All Reflections Hurt.

Oh my goodness, I honestly could have written this post myself I can relate that much! I'm so sorry you're suffering this horribly, and I do wish more than anything that I had advice to give! Please just know that you're not alone I know that knowing we're not alone helps (me at least) to feel reassured that what we're seeing in the mirror might not actually be how we look to everyone else... but despite that, we want to see what everyone else does, we want to feel comfortable and happy in our own bodies and not envy others for their bodies and be able to eat without a care in the world! I hate it so much, and even more so knowing someone else suffers the way I do, it's awful, and I'm really sorry! Just like you, I feel like my stomach protrudes, and there are times I feel thin and I'm totally fine with eating, but then feel guilty and the next day I somehow feel like I've gained weight! I also wear baggy clothes to hide my body, especially the parts I'm insecure about, i.e my stomach, arms and thighs! And just like you, when in the bathroom I look away so I don't see my body, and I also avoid anything that will show my reflection! it's awful, it really is, and I'm just very sorry you're going through this, and that I couldn't be of any help! I do hope that you'll find your way through this though, and finally get feeling happy and confident with your body like you once did! -hugs-
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Default Re: All Reflections Hurt.

I don't have pictures of me lying around for this exact reason.

I hate my looks
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