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Trig Don't know what to do anymore

I've been struggling with BDD since I am 16 years old. Now I am 23. Although I've had symptoms for 7 years,in 2019 these worsen. First it was my face size,which is really small and skinny,I'd fallen into a depression because I just couldn't stand to see my face in the mirrors. Then it was my hair,it was to frizzy and thick and now it is my lip color,which is too pale. I cant stop thinking abour having too pale lips,I dont like it,I check in the mirror,in different lighting and when I loot at my lips,I feel like a pinch in the stomach because I dont like what I see.
Possible trigger:
These are things that I fantasize about but I dont think I'll ever be able to do it. Any help?
I saw 3 different therapists,and I just was able to speak about my appearence issues with one,which didn't help at all. She (the therapist) just told me I could try changing my hairstyle or dyeing it. It was at the time I was depressed because of my face and although I am not a psycologist,I dont think that is a good approach for someone who has BDD. I was never diagnosed with BDD,I just found out I had it when I was 16 because of my research and realized I had all the symptoms. I never told anyone about me fantasizing over destroying parts of my body (such as burning my lips) because of how I feel. I thought of going to a new psycologist and tell him/her about this and really focus on improving my condition. But I dont know what I should do...

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Default Re: Don't know what to do anymore

Hi. I'm wondering if you were to get a professional assessment from a stylist or a plastic surgeon and tney said you looked ok, would you be inclined to belive their opinions?

I don't know much about body dismorphic disorder, but I do have physical traits that make me anxious and that I wish I could change. I used to not like how dark my hands were when I was in the sun a lot. I noticed that using pale nail polish made my hands look darker. When I used dark nail polish, the contrast made my skin color look different and someone told me she envied my pale hands. The truth is that how you look is an illusion. Most of us do things to hide body parts we are not satisfied with. With BDD, do yu have an issue with perception so that even if you looked grear, you wouldn't be able to accept it?

Or would you feel better if you used lipstick to make your lips a color you like? I have heard that there are medical procedures that give you permanant lipstick and other types of makeup. I know someone who changed a facial festure by tattooing. Maybe you could ask your therapist about whether you can use safe cosmetic procedures to deal with your dislikes instead of dwelling on destructive ideas?
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Default Re: Don't know what to do anymore

Hi Nesa123,

Maybe there are some video's on YouTube about how people overcame or learned to cope better with BDD? I don't have BDD myself, but I do have other mental health problems, and I found that YouTube can be a pretty good resource for people suffering with many different psych issues. Give YouTube a try as well, and see what you might find.

All the best, keep reaching out, stay hopeful and positive, and you'll beat this eventually.

Also, a warm welcome to Psych Central.
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