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Default Does this sound like body dysmorphia?

I havenít liked how I look for about 4 years and I always just thought it was because Iíd gotten ugly, I never even thought about bdd. Iím not sure if people are just being nice when they say Iím thin because my belly looks like itís bulging out in the mirror, my figure looks wide and my arms and calves look big too. My right calf is also bigger than my left one which is weird. I think my skin looks disgusting but people have said itís nice and I really think thatís just people trying to be nice. On my face I can see all the blackheads around my nose and I have bumps on my skin. Sometimes I use really harsh things on my skin to try and fix it or but excessive products on it which just makes it worse. I do think worry about how I look too much but I canít stop.
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Default Re: Does this sound like body dysmorphia?

I also hhate how I look.

for me: it's not just 1 issue, my whole body is an issue.. and when I go to shower it really hits home.... ugly and horrible.

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Default Re: Does this sound like body dysmorphia?

We are our worst critics when it comes to appearances. I can't say I love the way I look but see the sags and bags too. I try not to let it dictate my life though. I think of other ways to ruminate. I work and this takes a lot of my time. I like working- teaching. The times when I am not working I am sleeping. Of course, I eat and exercise too. You must keep busy and keep yourself from being too self-absorbed about your appearance.
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Default Re: Does this sound like body dysmorphia?

I joined these forums almost 10 years ago and I can't believe I am just now making my first post... On a subject that I'm trying to understand in this day and age. I'm no expert by any means, but, at almost 60 years old, I'd like to offer words of wisdom I wish I had known when I was younger and feeling so many of the same things you seem to be feeling. ( And, I can be thankful that websites like Instagram didn't exist when I went through my times of insecurity.)And, that's what I believe you're feeling... insecure more than body dysmorphia. Instagram has become a breeding ground and quite frankly, for a social platform that many share,it's a shame that so many look to it for comparison to others.

I mean, it's one thing to hide a blemish for photos, but, to start altering your body shape to the extremes I've seen is detrimental for anyone feeling insecure with themselves. How can anyone try to look like someone who has totally manufactured their looks. In all honesty, they've defined their idea of good looks and everyone starts to look the same... fake. Fake people lead very sad lives. Those that are comfortable with their flaws and imperfections are those who go further in life.... Now I only wish I had started earlier... Smile, my friend...You are beautiful in your own unique way!

"You can't judge a book by it's cover..." All the envy I had when I was younger, became a different reality as I grew older and got to know people. And, over that time, I can honestly say, had I built relationships with only "pretty people," my life would have been shallow. You'd be amazed at how actually ugly some of those beautiful fakes could be once you got to know them. And yet, many of the strongest relationships were formed with what came from inside. And, while you are worried about one calf being larger than the other, I might see it as a unique reminder of how special and different you are... and, probably show you one of my flaws where we could laugh together and be ourselves.

Nobody is perfect and nobody should define what perfect is, nor try to be a carbon copy of what others perceive. If people went through life searching for what they thought to be perfect by others standards, what a lonely world it would be. And, because I've got years of living feeling much like you, I realized that once I embraced the insecurities that made unique, I was able to offer up my other qualities. that, in turn, made for more sincere friendships that were able to stand the test of time and all the changes your body will go through over that time. You are beautiful when you are most you, and I hope you remember these words anytime you feel otherwise...
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