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Default Re: The greatness of second-hand books!

I've been buying second hand books all my life. I was able to purchase the original Nancy Drew stories before they changed them. Ellory Queen and Sherlock Holmes. Comic books by the box full. That was at roadside stands and flea markets. But now days on line. When my sisters and I had some change we were allowed to buy what we wanted, me, always wanted books.
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Default Re: The greatness of second-hand books!

Thank you everyone who who have contributed such interesting replies on my thread.

A fortnight ago I was browsing amazon when finding an author whose books I loved called Menna van Praag. To my delight I discovered Men, Money and Chocolate and is delightful sequel, Happier Than She's Ever Been for just 2.48 each plus free shipping. Both books came next day - amazing, considering I'd only ordered them the evening before - and found both to be hardbacks with their original dust jackets, both had even been covered in a librarian's Librefilm for extra protection.

The protagonist Maya is so human and relatable; it is easy to see yourself in her and fun to travel with her on her journey of self-discovery.

All of Menna van Praag's books have a kind of uplifting magic and a spirituality about them and I come away feeling sort of heart-squeezingly beautiful and all the richer for reading them.

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Default Re: The greatness of second-hand books!

When I visited Alnwick 20 years, ago, I went into the bookstore there and bought a well-worn used volume of Shelley's poetry. I know, could I be any more corny and ironic? The Lake District and buying poetry? But yes, I did. Alwick Castle's grounds are fantastic.
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