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Originally Posted by cryingontheinside View Post
That's a good idea , i will contact her tomorrow .
Thank you for being so supportive !!
As for the hypnotherapy it was amazing in my experience . it was a long time ago before i was diagnosed . i kept going to the doctors telling them i was depressed and they said i was wasting their time .
I didnt know what else to do . i dont know where i got the idea to try hypnotherapy but im glad i did . i told the man about my low self asteem and feeling depressed and that i got bullied at work but i wasn't quite sure why . the hypnotherapy worked amazingly on me . i think i went very deep into it ( not sure if its the same with everyone or would have the same affect . ) i felt so calm afterwards , a constant calm , it was a feeling i hadn't experienced before or remembered feeling because i was constantly on edge . this calmness stayed with me for about a year and that was after having only one session . i was given a tape of the session and told to listen to it every night but i lost it . it probably would have been more affective if i listened to the tape or if i went again a few more times .
So I'm very interested in it. he was amazing though , i don't know if they are all as good him though . im going to try it again , hopefully find someone who is willing to come to my house . if they are not as good as him and its not successful i will be dissaopointed but at least i would have tried .
Hey no worries!I'm support is essential for us and i'm glad to that i'm being helpful.

Based on what you've said hypnotherapy sounds very promising for you! Yeah i do think that this type of therapy is unique to the person and it doesn't seem to have the same effect on everyone. Some people are too hype-active perhaps to even go into a meditative or hypnotic state, some may be hyperactive but tend to be able to go into deep states of hypnosis. And just like you've said, this practitioner may be quite good and i'm sure not every one has similar skills or possibly is able to form some sort of connection with the client etc.

So since you have tried and it has worked then please do pursue this further when you can. Home visits would be ideal for you! so, yes, try and get in touch with the practitioner again.

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