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Default First date rejection, triggered and upset

I went on a date and although I found him very attractive I didnít really feel a spark.

He text me after to tell me the same, and to say he thought I was lovely but due to lack of chemistry he wouldnít like to go any further.

Even though I didnít feel a spark either this rejection has triggered some really strong and overwhelming emotions. I txt him again and asked if heíd maybe like to come to mine sometime for drinks. I just wanted to get him back and not feel so rejected. I wanted him to say he liked me. But he said no and I felt totally pathetic and desperate.

I cried last night, then I couldnít sleep, then I had nightmares and woke up. My friends have said itís no big deal and these things happen, but I feel utterly rejected.

I keep thinking about it today and feeling upset, and really empty and alone. I know it sounds trivial but it feels like itís really touched on some trauma or something.

Are there any things I can do to soothe myself? Or any advice at all anyone can offer me to get through these painful emotions.
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Default Re: First date rejection, triggered and upset

Men come and go. What is important is to love yourself first. If you love yourself and take care of yourself, you will attract men to you. I would not worry about being rejected. At least, now you are free to find another man and do what you want. Enjoy life with what you have. If you are seeking a man to make you happy, you will not find happiness. Again, you must be happy with yourself. I am happy by myself now after being with men who were not worth it. They were not worth it because they did not have my best interest in mind. I value myself and make myself a priority. I am happier now more than ever. I have problems still but am happy!! I am happy because I am free and am doing what I like. I wish you the very best!
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Default Re: First date rejection, triggered and upset

Not saying you have BPD but I think that's a common BPD thing. Similar things like that happens a lot to me. If it's real bad I usually go to sleep for awhile and wake up a lot better. Do whatever makes you happy, hobbies or whatever.
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Default Re: First date rejection, triggered and upset

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