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Default tw death of friend and feeling abandoned

tw talks about suicide and grief




i havent been here very much but i need somewhere to talk about this
a week ago i lost one of my friends to suicide she like me had BPD and kept making attempts over and over she had no carer to stop her from killing herself even before i meet her she would try to kill herself
Av also lost my dad to suicide he was my step dad but i see him as my dad my bio dad / sperm donor has come in and out my life for years he just leaves dont see him for years etc he promaces things and then ****s off
my family are all toxic apart from the wee ones and my 16 year old niece she is very supportive and has mental health issues herself i dont see any other family members apart from my niece i have friends from church but i cant go to church at the moment due to the lockdown and i have changed faith

one of the friends is my minster he has been so supportive and is my favrote person apart from my partner ,i think am going to lose all my friends because i have changed faith
my head keeps tell me to abandon them before they abandon me

my head i mean the voices i hear am taking my meds as normal but i feel very very low ...i feel heart broken and feel i should be with my dad and my friends

i hate bpd for killing her i hate that am losing people and i feel am weak and i cant fight any more am done

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Default Re: tw death of friend and feeling abandoned

if they are true friends, they will be with you and stick by you regardless of your faith and belief.

if they don't like something, then they were never really friends to begin with

sorry about your friend. I have also lost a close BPD friend a few years ago. her name was bethany and I talk about her often on the forums. she was very close to me like a sister.

here if you want to talk
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Default Re: tw death of friend and feeling abandoned

Iím so sorry you lost your friend and your dad. Donít be first to abandon the friends who you think will abandon you. It sounds like they care about you.

Youíve had real abandonment in your life. Please keep fighting to make the best of your life.

I think people imagine they will be with their loved ones after life, but no oneís ever proven that. So live for now.
"And don't say it hasn't been a little slice of heaven, 'cause it hasn't!"
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