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Thumbs up Spirituality chat today! Noon eastern

Greetings! I hope Y'all enJOYed your hiloday weekend last weekend.

We have been chatting lately about recognizing what your "small still voice within" is and how to "Hear" it.
..."we must learn to tune into that "small, quiet voice within" which calls us. This is the voice that has been echoed in the sacred literature of the world. It is the voice that bids us to be who we were meant to be, pulling us forward through dreams, hunches and intuition to provide information about ourselves."

So today I want to chat about this Inner Wisdom and how to maintain Awareness of this "Authentic Self" ~ the Real you you are meant to be.

..." Developing spirituality has been likened to peeling an onion to find the true core. As outer layer issues are cleared away in an individual, deeper psychological issues and concerns come forth literally reworking and restructuring the personality. The journey continues with the Higher Self presenting the unique and unusual experiences that the person needs to learn the lessons for which he has come."

"The more practice you have in reconnecting and maintaining your energy the more you become awakened. Be open to receive the energy. One cannot pull the grass to make it grow! My Elders told me once that "Patience is the key to the world, use it."
If you have a chance i recommend this link:http://www.starstuffs.com/innerwisdom/8thWisdom.html

The next chat (next Saturday) we will work on Acceptance. This is the next step after learning how to hear our True Self>

ALL are Welcome to join me/us on this Spiritual Journey.
That's at noon eastern today!!

Brightest Blessings

As Above~
So Below
As Within~ So Without
As the Universe~ So my Soul

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