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Default Re: No More Sex Chat Rooms

I am glad that people do not need to feel intimidated by the possible presence of sex talk in the chats. It can be a trigger to many people. To me it is a personal issue that I prefer to keep to myself, just like religious and political beliefs. I have them but don't think it will help anyone to parade them around.

Thanks for supporting a safe chat support area.


Originally Posted by -jimi- View Post
Why do people have opinions that don't even use chat?

Anyway, I'm sure this decision tees several people off that love to really indulge in this. Many unhappy faces. Yes, I've seen the talk and the severity of it. It has sometimes been hours of plain pornography. And people who wanted to talk about other things had still gone to the adult room because it is the only place with people.

I'm not going to pretend I'm sad about this decision. I don't think it looks good on a serious site to have pornography. I know I will be called a hater now and a party pooper.

But whew! This decision is quite a relief.

And I do think it also is more mentally healthy as those involved in the convos were manic or similar, and why would we want to feed into mental illness, we don't go Yay more! when someone is depressed. We want that person not to stay in the ill mood.

So thanks. Much appreciated.
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Default Re: No More Sex Chat Rooms

Im so glad that I joined after this was happening. Im a survivor of SRA and this would not have just been triggering, this would have re-enforced everything that I learned back then and "that side" would have come out of me.

Sex anything, unless speaking about healing from abuse, has no place on a mental health site anywhere. Even that gender issues. "Positions", "turn ons" whatever should be discussed on a gender issue specific forum, this is a place where many people healing from all kinds of trauma come for support!

I havent spoken personally to you Doc John but thank you for this! Ive been in the chats checking them out and the time I was in there was very plesant!
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Default Re: No More Sex Chat Rooms

Hope you find peace.
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