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Lightbulb An Introduction to using Chat - Read before entering!

Our chat system is different than the forums -- it allows you to engage in real-time conversation with other members from both Psych Central.

Be aware, using the chat system is not for everyone. Try it out to see if it's something that works for you, but don't be surprised if it's also not your particular cup of tea.

If you're a newcomer to the forums or chat, it's best to lay back a bit when you enter chat, and get a feel for the flow of conversation, topics, and how people are relating to one another. Jumping in and monopolizing the conversation could be seen as being unintentionally rude to others.

Members without at least 5 posts are not allowed in chat. If you bypass our systems to enter chat directly and don't have 5 posts, you may lost your chat and/or membership privileges altogether.

Remember, because we are only communicating through text, we can't always see or understand your intentions. Something that was intended as humorous or funny, but had no accompanying smiley face, might be easily taken the wrong way by others.

The standard rooms in our chat system are the Lobby, Support chat (for people looking for emotional support), Social chat (for random social topics of the day), 21+ chat (for adults 21 or older), Teen chat (for teens only, please), Health Support (primarily meant for NeuroTalk members, but anyone is welcomed to join), and our Auditorium (where DocJohn's weekly Q&As and other event chats are held).

The Community Guidelines apply in all the above rooms in chat -- except they are relaxed in member-created rooms, where members are free to chat about a wider range of topics (including religion, politics, sex, etc.). (Our Terms of Use still apply, so that means illegal activities remain off limits.)

If you are a newcomer to chat, you may want to avoid member-created rooms at the onset, until you become more familiar with chat "regulars" and what each person's room is likely to be like. Member-created rooms are often more club-like with an intimate group of friends or forum members. Entering a member-created room not knowing anyone may be okay, or it may not be. If you're unsure, ask when you enter, "Hey, is it alright if I join you folks?"

The chat system is not monitored 24/7 -- we simply don't have the resources to do so. So if you're having a member-to-member problem in chat, the best thing to do is to leave the room where you're having the problem in and go to another room. You can always PM an administrator or moderator about your issues, but please do not expect an instantaneous response.

We have self-care tools in chat too, such as "Ignore" -- please feel free to use them! You can always put another member on Ignore while in chat, if they are bugging or harassing you.

Hope this helps new members who want to become familiar with chat, and maybe have different expectations than what we offer here today.

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