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Default Re: It's sad

Hello Cala Lily

I don't think you 'killed your own thread' as unaluna said, but sometimes people simply don't know what to say. Like, for example, I posted a compilation of classical and contemporary music in the forum, but it received no replies. It doesn't matter because at some time, someone might get to listen to my list. That the high number of views pleased me; at least many took interest in my new topic! That was mightily encouraging to me.

On debate topics though, some people can he highly opinionated and confrontational when they disagree, say, about a former Prime Minister who they hated, and no amount of reasoning on my point of view would ever channge their opinion. It's not a biggy, but simply that it is forum life, for there will always be someone in an online community who will disagree. A year ago I left a forum when staff moderators didn't stop the nastiness that overflowed on a debate topic, so I resigned and found this wonderful community at PC where there are some very lovely people here. Very supportive and kind.

If you are unsure about anything, or concerned about another member, always feel welcome to ask a community staff member. I am sure they will be only too happy to assist you.

Wishing you all the best
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Default Re: It's sad

I don't believe it is basic human nature to just get along.Plus, not everyone agrees on what getting along is or looks like.
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Default Re: It's sad

Iím sorry. I have been known to get into it with another member on this site. I feel like this thread is directed at me. I am working on my anger though. It has been rough since I have been without a therapist since before Christmas. I know thatís not an excuse to be rude but sometimes I just lose it when I feel like people are being rude to me.

Again, Iím sorry and Iíll try to be nicer.
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Default Re: It's sad

Hugs to all

Iíll try to be nicer too.

I sometimes think we often tend to take things personally

Sometimes they are not about us.

I know I wish Iíd stepped back and just not engaged in some things

Although I try to be civil.

I appreciate this place and hope it stays the safe and caring place so many of us love.

Respect to all
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