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Default waiting period to post and delete

Hi, Im new and made several posts, Im a bit anxious cause I can't read them until they are posted and then I'll only have 4 hours to delete them myself. I was gonna wait for them to be posted but I didn't sleep last night and I dont think I can stay awake. I just wanted to ask how long does it take them to be deleted from staff after 4 hours have passed? I am a person that deletes posts a lot because I talk impulsively and then get anxious so it would just help me to know how much control I'll have over that?
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Default Re: waiting period to post and delete

Until a member has 5 approved posts, any posts created must be approved by a volunteer. This post and your first thread are approved. You can see your posts by clicking on your name and "Find more posts by cybersad7"

Send me a message by clicking on my name to the right CANDC and select "send a private message to CANDC"

The others are in moderation. If you need to edit a post then let me know. Each member can self delete as many posts as they like. If you ask admin or moderators to delete you can delete up to 5 for the life of the account.
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