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Default Re: Is recovering possible?

yes recovery is possible.

example when a person no longer is having nightmares, flashbacks panic attacks due to the trauma they went through or witnessed here in my location they are considered to be recovered/ healed / cured what ever wording you use.

thats not saying a person cant have a new trauma happen and not go though PTSD problems.

it just means that in life people go through things. they learn how to handle their trauma's and witnessing the trauma and then problems due to that sit and when they no longer have problems due to that situation they are considered recovered.

example when I stopped having nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks, depression and other PTSD symptoms due to my long term trauma in childhood I was considered by medical and mental health standards healed, recovered.

then as an adult I witnessed a work related trauma which caused me to go through a fresh batch of nightmares, panic attacks and flashbacks.depression and other PTSD symptoms. when I was no longer having these problems due to the work related trauma I was by medical and mental health standards recovered/ cured/ healed.

At the moment because I am not having any PTSD symptoms due to any past or present trauma I am considered recovered.

my suggestion is talk with your treatment providers they will explain to you based on what your location considers recovery from mental problems, whether its possible for you to recover.
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Default Re: Is recovering possible?


I have complex PTSD, and while I will always have it, I am doing better. I have been doing DBT therapy since July 2017, and it's very effective. I am no longer very triggered, flashbacks have dulled, and I am working on my small business.

I think I'll have relapses, but I want you to know if gets better if you get a good therapist and keep working on it. My therapist told me I have made such good progress, we can do only two sessions a month! So it does get better.
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Default Re: Is recovering possible?

I am soooo much better than I was just 2 years ago. Lots of EMDR and ego state therapy. My emotional flashbacks are less infrequent, I no longer self harm and my eating disorder has disappeared. I can handle more tasks and not get so overwhelmed. I tolerate a lot more.

Now not sure if it from all the therapy or is it from just getting older, have I just created an environment where triggering things and events have been diminished otherwise known as my "safety bubble"? I am really not sure. My T would say otherwise.

I still hate the human race and would much rather live on an island all alone. I also can not wait until I just die of whatever I am suppose to die of. Is that PTSD or just left over damage from childhood trauma?

Anyway I think if a real assessment was done on me I would no longer meet the criteria of PTSD. Just some emotional flashbacks and trying to isolate and avoid.
When a child’s emotional needs are not met and a child is repeatedly hurt and abused, this deeply and profoundly affects the child’s development. Wanting those unmet childhood needs in adulthood. Looking for safety, protection, being cherished and loved can often be normal unmet needs in childhood, and the survivor searches for these in other adults. This can be where survivors search for mother and father figures. Transference issues in counseling can occur and this is normal for childhood abuse survivors.
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