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Default stopping dissociation

Was diagnosed with complex ptsd. CBT realy helped but my insurance doesn't cover it and can't afford more for awhile. Issue I'm having is
dissociation when over stimulated (good or bad). I have been trying having radios on in 2 different rooms etc. Also if feel symptons starting move to quieter area + 'ground' hands, feet
But I don't always feel symptoms starting and suddenly 'wake up' an hour or so later with no recollection
any tips?
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Default Re: stopping dissociation

Hi gr8ful B, I don't have an answer but I wanted to just extend my support and I hope someone else is able to help, or that you are able to find answers somewhere.
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Default Re: stopping dissociation

I tend to dissociate most if I'm triggered, so I tend to avoid situations and circumstances that can do that ... Other than that, all I can say is that it has gotten better with time because everything and anything used to trigger me when I first started out on this journey and now it doesn't happen quite as much ... Not sure it will ever completely go away though, and I'm sorry that you are struggling with it too!

Some things that get broken simply aren't able to be put back together again ... I've healed as well as I can, but it's not lost on me how much was, is and shall remain broken; up until the day I leave this patch of dirt called earth.


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