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Default Car Accident

Some guy ran a red light and slammed into me. I did not know what was happening until my car stopped spinning. When it stopped I never moved. It was just like the frozen/dissociated state that happens to me in therapy. Everyone coming over opening the doors, asking me questions and I am can not respond. Except the the uncontrollable shaking. Fireman, Paramedics wondering if my lack of emotion and response was head injury? No just me not being normal.

In the ambulance one of the Paramedics asked if I was ever diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I answered that. Offered to take me to the hospital. I refused.
When a child’s emotional needs are not met and a child is repeatedly hurt and abused, this deeply and profoundly affects the child’s development. Wanting those unmet childhood needs in adulthood. Looking for safety, protection, being cherished and loved can often be normal unmet needs in childhood, and the survivor searches for these in other adults. This can be where survivors search for mother and father figures. Transference issues in counseling can occur and this is normal for childhood abuse survivors.
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Heart Re: Car Accident

I'm so sorry this happened to you. I had a similar accident years ago. A person ran a stop sign. The impact spun my car around & it took out a light pole backwards. I wasn't hurt in the crash. But the next day I was stiff as a board from head to toe. You may well be too. It sounds like you weren't injured physically at least... something to be thankful for.
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