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Default I have CPTSD

I have DID, CPTSD and major depression.
Sometimes it's really hard to manage the symptons. I do the best I can.
I was wondering what helps other people.

Take care, Laura
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Default Re: I have CPTSD

Hi Laura355. I'm very sorry you're struggling, but glad that you joined.

I have CPTSD, and depression (though the latter has improved hugely since joining PC).

Regarding the effects of trauma, I'm triggered easily in the workplace, and can go from 0 to 10 in a matter of seconds. And from there to wanting to end it all, sadly. The trapped feeling I get in the workplace mirrors my childhood, and aggressive bosses are still very tough for me to deal with.

Elsewhere in my life, I have been able to improve. A lot of that is thanks to the people I've met through PC.

You're not alone!
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Default Re: I have CPTSD

Hi, To an extent, medication and therapy help me. I go to a wellness group, which definitely picks up my spirits, because it's a friendly group with structure and safety.

So I'd say that a solid support system is essential for those of us with CPTSD.

dx: Bipolar 1 Disorder; CPTSD

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Default Re: I have CPTSD

Hi Laura,

Dialectical behavioral therapy has really helped me feel calmer and safer. There are some great books on this you can get on Amazon.
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Default Re: I have CPTSD

Hi Laura, I primarily rely on distress lines and my littlespace through age regression. I wear diapers, hug teddy bears, build blankie forts, color, watch cartoons, read bedtime stories and---- yeah. Isn't that weird? But it works. I need to feel safe, sometimes wearing a diaper out into public works. Or having a teddy bear in a backpack haha. It's ridiculous. Do what makes you feel good. IF you don't know what that is, find out what it is and explore the world until you find it. Once you find it, conquer any shame you might have and indulge in a balanced, healthy way. Thanks, HD7970ghz
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Default Re: I have CPTSD

Welcome to pc Laura
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